Saturday, November 22, 2008

Season 5 Playoffs: American League

Better late than never (Baltimore, Tampa, Chicago and San Diego already out), he's a quick look at the next round of AL playoffs in the quest for the Season 5 Championship:

(1) Minnesota Twins (113-49) take on the (5) Cleveland Indians (88-74)
Minnesota lead season series 7-3

Can any team stop Minnesota on their way to the first repeat championship in Major Leagues history? Minnesota simply throws Nen out game 1 and practically ensures themselves a win in that game, plus the opposing teams can usually count on seeing later in the series as well. He purely dominates in the post-season. Career post-season records for Chris Nen, absurd. In 197 IP, his WHIP is a mere 0.95 while his ERA sits at 2.47. However, Cleveland clearly has the hitting to get something done here if they click on all cylinders, as the have before. Any lineup featuring Miguel Lopez and Tim Rogers is going to score some runs.

(2) Oakland Athletics (102-60) take on the (6) Boston Red Sox (88-74)
Boston lead season series 7-3

Oakland mirrors several professional Bay Area sports teams in that they are always a contender, just never for the series. A wise man once said "My sh!t just doesn't work in the playoffs." and never could there be a more accurate description of the GM in Oakland now. With no truely dominant ace, the pitching staff is going to have trouble running up against the real Aces. Edgar Alvarez and Joaquin Gongora are a real 2-headed beast in Boston. However, the Oakland lineup is full of mashers like Mo Springer, who was very impressive after being called up later in the season. Turk Weaver followed up his MVP season with a lot less impact then would be desired, and there are rumours the club could be looking to move him in the offseason. Is this his last chance to win that ring in Oakland?