Monday, October 20, 2008

World Champion Minnesota Twins (Pt. 2?)

For the first time in Major Leagues history, a repeat World Series champion could be on the way. Now, I know what you are thinking....."It's entirely too early". Is it really though? The Minnesota Twins, currently 57-21, are absolutely dominating the competition this season. Fresh off the heels of sweeping another of the AL's more dominating (yet inconsistent) teams in Oakland, the Twins look to march their way towards another World Series, and it will be the 4th time in the first 5 seasons of the Major Leagues that they will represent the American League. Headlined by the always dominant, 4-time Cy Young award wiining Chris "Cy" Nen, have managed to mercilessly destroy almost every team in their path this season. Amazingly, the Milwaukee Brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks somehow managed to sweep the reigning world champs earlier this season, but the aforementioned dismantling of the Athletics really shows this teams true level of talent. As of yesterday's games, Nen has a spakling 2.59 ERA over 121.2 IP and sits at 12-1 making him an easy front runner for his 5th Cy Young. Meanwhile, slugger Curt Falk and homegrown Virgil Mendoza have been blasting opposing pitchers away, both players OPS'ing over .950. What truly stands out about this Minnesota team is their record on the road, going an unbelievable 31-8 facing their opponents away. That's enough to rattle even the strongest willed of teams. What makes matters worse for the AL teams is that Baltimore really isn't too far behind Minnesota, and is very, very tough to face at home with their 29-9 record there, and 53-25 record overall. Look out National League, the American League sure looks to be getting tougher year in and year out!

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