Saturday, August 1, 2009

In Pursuit of Perfection... (Clean Sweeps)

Sure, if you have sacrificed your future for the present, you can win the majority of your Major League games pretty easily. And yes, if you have all of your best players sitting in the minors, it's pretty easy to win most of those games, too.

The true mark of a successful owner, however, is when he can be successful at every level. Likewise, the true mark of a great HBD cycle is when your franchise accomplishes a clean sweep - a win in every game it played during that cycle.

Let's see what owner can reach perfection the most often during the season. Send me (Minnesota Twins) a trade chat if your franchise experiences perfection during a particular cycle, and I'll add you to the running tally below. For purposes of this tally, only cycles with at least 4 games played will count as "perfection." The final winner will get my hearty congratulations and some modest bragging rights.

For this season 8, our first tracking the "clean sweeps," the tally will begin post-All-Star break.

Good luck everyone!

Season Totals
1.......7*......Oakland Athletics
2.......6*......New York Mets
3.......3.......Nashville Sounds
4.......2.......Houston Astros
5.......1.......Milwaukee Brewers
5(T)....1.......Montreal Expos
6.......0.......Everyone Else

Perfect Cycles
Houston Astros - 8/3 PM (6/6); 8/3 PM2 (6/6)
Milwaukee Brewers - 8/8 PM (6/6)
Montreal Expos - 8/14 AM (6/6)
Nashville Sounds - 8/7 PM2 (6/6); 8/8 PM (6/6); 8/17 AM (6/6)
New York Mets - 8/4 PM1 (6/6); 8/5 AM (5/5; rookie off); 8/5 PM (6/6); 8/7 PM2 (6/6); 8/11 AM (5/5; rookie off); 8/16 PM2 (5/5; rookie off)
Oakland Athletics - 8/4 AM (5/5; ML off); 8/5PM2 (6/6); 8/7 PM (6/6); 8/10 AM (6/6); 8/10 PM2 (6/6); 8/11 PM (6/6); 8/15 PM (6/6)

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