Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interview with a GM - Chase39

With the off-season and spring training coming to a close, we were able to sit down and talk with one of the biggest movers and shakers this off-season, Washington Nationals GM Chase39. Here is the interview with him.

"What are your expectations for this team this season?”

Chase39: Make the playoffs. Once in anything can happen. Last season I missed the last wild card by one game. I don't see that being a problem, this season.

Interviewer: "Well with that being said how long of a competitive run do you see this team having? Or do you have a plan/idea in place to keep this team competitive for many years to come?"

Chase39: 3 maybe 4 seasons I should be competitive. Depends if can keep adding to pieces to the group through the draft or free agency if necessary.

Interviewer: "Any areas of the team that you are still worried about?"

Chase39: My starting pitching is average at best. Definitely my team’s biggest weakness.

Interviewer: "Any last minute trades or free agent signings in the works to address the pitching staff or any other area of the team before the start of the season?"

Chase39: No I’ll give the team 30 games or so, that should give me an idea of what my team needs.

Interviewer: "Lastly, what was your strategy going into this off-season? Did you know you wanted to make a couple big splashes in the free agent market or was this all something that just sort of happened as the free agent time period progressed?"

Chase39: Yes this was planned ahead of time beginning last season. I had a lot of money coming off the books. I targeted Lindblom, Olivares, and originally Sanchez. After I made the trade with the Marlins, I no longer needed Sanchez. I went after Javier. I had to pay through the nose for all 3, but I got the players I targeted. I've improved my team at C, 3B, 2B, LF, RF, and in the bullpen. My starting pitching is weak, but I’ll take my chances against the rest of the league.

We thank Chase39 for taking the time out of his schedule for this interview. It will be interesting to see how his off-season strategy pays off during this season.

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