Friday, July 20, 2012

jclarkbaker's interview of crabman26

(1) The obligatory "who are you, what are you about question".

I am a 35 year old dude with a wife and two kids (4 and 2). Married for 8 years. Played music in a band in DC back in the day and got to play a bunch of cool places with a few cool bands. Was born in Amishtown, PA....thats Lancaster, and moved to Maryland in 1999. Am a huge Orioles fan, even when I lived in PA....although growing up Darryl Strawberry was my idol as I got the old NY channel that aired the Mets games. I am a sucker for cheesy horror movies, love all horror movies....and love The Walking Dead on AMC, best show on tv. Have a job and actually enjoy it as I get to work with 2 really good friends of mine, it also lets me check my teams almost at will while I work. Hmmm, what else, I am still bitter over the Ravens loss to the Patriots last year in the AFC Championship game, friggin kickers who cant hit chip shots/ receivers who cant catch TD passes. 

(2) College football: keep the bowls or playoffs (and how many teams)?

Honestly, my interest in college football right now on a scale of 1-10 is probably a 2. Now if they adopted a playoff season like four team playoffs, #1 seed vs the #4 seed, #2 vs #3 then have the two winners square off, that would raise my interest up to like a 7.

(3) MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL? And why?

All of the above except for the NBA. I would have to say MLB rates the highest because I played a ton of baseball (was scouted in High School) and I love all of the little battles in each game, all the nuances. Unfortunately I am an Orioles fan so its been miserable except for this season. NFL is great, big Ravens fan, but sometimes games bore me with all of the commercials/ stoppages. I also am a Caps fan and love hockey, best sport to watch in person and play in person....unfortunately its tough to watch on TV. 

(4) Real life baseball managers: do they have a tough job or could any of us do it? Explain.

I am pretty sure any of us could do it, I mean you put me in charge of the mid to late 90's Yankees clubs and I could win a world series or two. Now I will say that NL managers do more "managing" because they have some tough decisions to make regarding pinch hitting and pitching. AL managers just look at numbers and make decisions. All of that information is available to you. 

(5) Country music: (1) hell yes; (2) sure, it's better than a lot of the stuff out there; or (3) hell no.

HELL NO.....cant stand country music, especially the new stuff. Am more into old school punk/ metal, which does not mix well with country!

(6) Which of the following do you own right now: sports car, sedan, SUV, pickup, minivan, motorcycle, and/or scooter?

SUV, a Toyota Highlander...would love to own a Jeep and a motorcycle but the Mrs. squashed those dreams once we had kids. 

(7) Beer or liquor? "Both" is not an acceptable answer.

Definitely beer, although if I know I am going to get drunk (which doesnt happen anymore) I go the liquor route to prevent a massive hangover.....but beer is the go to drink. 

(8) The roommate switch: can it be done? 

There is no chance in hell it can be done, unless you are in the porn industry. If it does happen, it will not last long as the women will fight, hate each other for about a week or two, then kiss and make up and realize that you are not worth breaking up their friendship.

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