Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Season's First Big Trade - Brooks To The Cubbies

AL pitchers are checking their bonus clauses today.  Any of them with performance incentives could be a little richer this season...ironman slugger and Season 32 MVP Walter Brooks has been traded to the Chicago Cubs.

The Rangers also sent reliever John Randall and get back 6 prospects, the best of whom seem to be AAA swingman Antonio Washington, Season 34 IFA Dellin Vega, and Season 34's #3 overall pick, Santos Mota.

Here's Cubs GM helop on how the trade went down:

"I am pretty excited. With the players I will bring up at the beginning of the year and at the 20 day mark, this could be a good team. He had Brooks on the Trading Block. I contacted him to see if we could make something happen. He was looking to restock his farm system and I was looking for a big bat. We couldn't figure out a 3 for 1 trade, so we went with the two trades together. He received 6 players to restock his farm system, I received the slugger and closer I need to help my team."

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