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Season 36 High School Draft Review for Round 1

Friends, I have compiled the list from the High School players that were drafted in the first round.  Didn't have time to go over the later supplemental picks.  I used my notes from preparing for the draft.  Please feel free to argue or agree in the comments section.

#2 Overall - Tanner Rogers - RF - Florida Marlins

Man, did I want this stud.  In my draft notes all I had written was "Hall of Famer".  He was #1 on my board.  97 power, Splits are 83,76 and an eye of 98 make this guy the #1 overall pick in my book.  His 99 health is a bonus as well.  cyber must be ecstatic getting this guy.  By the way cyber, next year we can work out a trade???? LOL   MLB Projection:  Hitting 3rd in order for many, many years.  Will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

#3 Overall - Shane Service - LF - Texas Rangers

With the #3 overall I was praying Rogers would last to me, but I have a pretty good consolation prize.  LF Service is a great get for the Texas Rangers.  With contact at 100, power at 77, with splits of 72, eye at 98 he should be great leadoff hitter with his 98 speed and 79 baserunning.  Only knock on Service is his 65 health.  But I learned from watching the success of the White Sox, it is worth a game.  MLB Projection:  Hitting leadoff or 2nd for many years and making the All-Star Team when healthy.

#7 Overall - Ken Ward - CF-2B - Nashville Sounds

With the #7 overall Nashville grabs Ken Ward.  Ward looks to be a good defensive CF and has decent contact and power, but his 43 split against right handed pitching has to be worrysome for fallball.  Looks to be a decent on base guy, but his 65 health is worrysome as well.  I am thinking Nashville wanted one of the other guys to drop.  MLB Projection:  At worse, a platoon CF against LH pitching.  At best, a starter with a good on base percentage while providing great CF defense.  Probably a #8 or #9 hitter.

#9 Overall - Addison Unamuno - SP - Seattle Mariners

As of the printing of this article, Unamuno has yet to be signed.  Could crabman hope for him not to sign to get a better pick next season?  After looking heavily into this pitcher, there is a much to like about him,  He hits the 70s in all the major attributes of a pitcher.  This was the best rated pitcher on my board so I assume crabman hopes to get him signed.  MLB Projection:  Good #2 starter in the pitcher friendly confines of Safeco.  I see 2-3 All Star appearances for him.

#11 Overall - Pepe Lopez - 2B - Oakland Athletics

Lopez stands out at me because when the original rankings came out he was ahead of Rogers and Service.  Lopez is the type of player you would want starting the middle of the round.  As of this publishing he has yet to sign because evidently he loves hockey.  The Athletics have enlisted the help of the San Jose Sharks and their willingness to give season tickets as part of the package to sign Lopez.  Great power with good defense, eye, health, and durability make this a safe pick for billhowell.  MLB Projection:  2B starter for the A's while hitting 6th or 7th in the order.

#12 Overall - J.P. Hernandez - SP - Philadelphia Phillies

The upcoming Phillies want to add to their rotation in a few years with Hernandez.  Sporting incredible stamina and control that goes along with his sinker, Hernandez looks to make up for the lower splits (70,71).  Durability is also a question for Hernandez.  MLB Projection:  4th or 5th Starter.  May need an occasional skip start due to durability.

#14 Overall - Rich Koehlert - LF - San Francisco Giants

The Giants pick up a LF with a rare combination of baserunning and speed.  His power should maximum out at 60.  Typically your LF hits for a bit more power but the Giants hope they have power bats through the rest of the lineup.  MLB Projection:  Can hit 1st or 2nd in order, or down at the bottom.  Should be a .275 hitter with 15-17 HR.

#16 Overall - Wally Gordon - SP - Toronto Blue Jays

This may be one of my favorite picks in the draft.  I think coltonrocks got excellent value here at #16.  With 89 control, great splits (76L,82R) and an extreme groundball pitcher I think the Blue Jays are thrilled with this selection.  If his durability gets higher than projected, Gordon should be an all star.  MLB Projection:  Possible All-Star.  A definite #2 in the rotation.

#17 Overall - Chris Goldberg - LF - Oakland Athletics

Oakland picks yet again in the middle of the 1st round.  They nab a LF with great contact (92) and is good against RH pitching.  He also has great range for the LF position.  MLB Projection:  Possible platoon in LF and always starting against RH pitching.  

#18 Overall - Will Mann - SP - Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore takes a starting pitcher that has many great attriubutes, but some that are scary.  Great stamina, control, and durability hope to make up for the lower splits (69,65).  I have seen many players where the stronger attributes of control, groundball ratio make up for the splits.  MLB Projection:  #4 or #5 starter.

#19 Overall - Hawk Pearson - SP - San Francisco Giants

San Francisco makes another mid round first pick and they went with pitching.  Reminds me of Will Mann who was picked just before The Hawk.  Great control and groundball rate.  Hawk wins the award for best name for a draft pick.  MLB Projection:  #4 or #5 starter.

#20 Overall - John Dickson - SP - San Francisco Giants

Dickson still has yet to sign, but that might be okay with the Giants.  His splits of 53,52 have bust written all over it.  MLB Projection:  #2,3 starter (in AAA).

#21 Overall - Julian Pineda - C - Arizona Diamondbacks

drichter must be living right because God Almighty blessed him with his pick.  I didn't see Pineda making it out of the top 10 but Arizona grabs him at #21.  Love this pick for the Diamondbacks.  Great defense and game calling to go along with 89 contact and 83 power?  Plus a batting eye rating in the upper 70s.  Great pick!  As of this publication still unsigned.  MLB Projection:  Middle of the order catcher with pop.  Can possibly win the Gold Glove.  Reminds me of Jonathan Lucroy of the Texas Rangers.

#22 Overall - Dan Black - RP - Colorado Springs Rockies

Probably the best reliever I had on my board.  When you get in the 20s sometimes the best pick is a RP.  81 splits against RH with good stamina and control.  This ends the streak of 7 high school players taken in a row.  MLB Projection:  Setup A guy that can go multiple innings.

#24 Overall - Daric Cozart - 2B/1B - Washington Nationals

Has great power (87), but everything else is pretty average.  As my wife would say, "Nothing fancy".  MLB Projection:  Utility player unless power is needed in the lineup.

#29 Overall - Enny Torres - SS - Atlanta Braves

Atlanta better be used to drafting late in the first round because their young talent should be great for a long time.  Best SS on my draft board.  Excellent pick.  Has good contact and hits well against RH pitchers with superb defense.  I'll take that at #29.  MLB Projection:  Future starting shortstop.  Will hit way down in lineup, but defense is worth it.

#31 Overall - Gene Clancy - CF/2B - New York Mets

Good pick for so late in the 1st round.  Probably a better 2B than CF because of weak arm.  Good contact.  MLB Projection:  Utility player

#34 Overall - Midre Paredes - RP - Milwaukee Brewers

Overall I think the Brewers had an outstanding draft.  They picked up mostly college players but rounded out their first round with a quality relief arm in Paredes.  Splits are good at 74,75 with 99 control.  Will give up a few home runs though.  MLB Projection:  Setup B, maybe Setup A reliever in the majors.

That's all I have.  Love being in this league with all you guys.


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