Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Early Days of Major Leagues: Interview With pstrnutbag44

What's the "Story" of the founding of Major Leagues?

Not much to it, really. I stumbled across HBD after dabbling a tiny bit in SLB. I wanted to join a world that had real MLB teams and this one was just starting up. Upon finding it in the classifieds, I contacted Dodgers13, the world creator, and from there helped to recruit the first season of Major Leagues. I was simply lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time.

What's the craziest thing that happened in the early days of Major Leagues?

Well, this game surely has some interesting folks playing. A lot of the time, it's good fun. Sometimes you get some weird ones. I think one of the early owners of Atlanta was a cat named jasonod or something (i may be mistaken) and he was a very strong personality. However, it wasn't really all that bad. Just typical trash talk in the chats, name calling, etc.I cannot recall there actually ever being any collusion or anything like that. Again, I may just be having selective memory and am open to being corrected.

What were the goofiest quirks of HBD in the early days?

Tandem Pitching. In the early days of my career, this was still being worked out. There were some funky Stam/Dur combos being generated and you'd end up with ridiculously low rated P's that had incredible stats...but could only pitch for maybe 3 IP or so. Well, if you could work out how to get a few of these guys and use the Tandem Pitching in your rotation, it led to some crazy dominant P stats. I think owner zbrent also tried this after they re-worked some of those and still found moderate success. 

Why'd you retire in 2011?

Frankly, the state of the game. Its ownership and a lot of the user base is really off-putting. At the time, the game had been sold to Fox Sports who really just fumbled the hell out of the whole thing for a long while before straightening things out. There was a lot of World Creation, then No Worlds could be made, then only some people could, then some merged....frankly, it was a mess. Fox's method of throwing waves of front-line CS that didn't know a damn thing at dedicated users got old, fast. Couple all of that with a decreasing tolerance for the inmates running the asylum that is the forums, and I was done. I still won't do the forums. Not because I have thin skin. Those of you that know me know I have no issue tangling with, and taking my lumps from, a lot of those asshats.  It's that I was first-hand watching the elitist jerks ruin the experience for newer users. After about the 35th new user came to me and said they didn't want to play with dickheads that ruin it for other people, I realized this wasn't much fun for me anymore either. 

Why'd you come back?

I miss my rivalry with zbrent, :-P

I came back very briefly for a season about a year ago. Honestly, it doesn't seem like all that much has changed (I assume some engine tweaks and all). The elitists still run rampant and are as insufferable as ever. CS does seem better though, in my limited interaction with them. I wasn't going to try anymore, but I kept myself open to returning only on one condition: It had to be Major Leagues. I kept in the loop via blanch13. He'd let me know each time there were openings. He asked at one point if I'd like to not get the notifications anymore, and I let him know I still had an eye on the league and would probably give it a go again at some point. Last time he mailed me I was high, so here we are. ;-)

Sidenote: I miss Erffdogg 

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