Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Commish Needed, Suggest Recruiter As Well

As I mentioned on the World Chat, I'm retiring from HBD after my next seasons here and in Hobbs.

I'm moving from Austin to Madison, WI for the Summer (arriving June 1).  After that I'm going on some kind of international sojourn, most likely through Latin America.  I travelled a lot years ago and have been promising myself I'd do so again.  At age 62, it's time to sogotp, so I'm going (somewhere).

First, thanks to all of you (and especially the long-timers) for the many seasons of great competition and camaraderie.  Major Leagues has probably been the best of all the many HBD worlds I've played in, and I'll miss it.

Second, start thinking about a new commish.  I'd suggest we set some kind of date for early season for nominations, or perhaps to select someone by acclamation.  Main idea is to get it done early so you don't run into the next recruiting season.

Third, I'd very strongly urge you to select an official recruiter as well.  I know it's a task that would run a poor race to sticking pencils in your eyes, but if you have a good system, it's pretty easy.  And I have a good system, which I'll document completely for the next recruiter (and help with at the end of next season).

I can't emphasize enough how big a difference it makes to a world to have someone who is dedicated to making the next season start right after rollover.  Many of you who have joined Major Leagues in the last 10 seasons or so have told me that you did so for exactly that reason.

Last, the reason I emphasize having a recruiter separate and apart from the commissioner. I think both jobs are made easier by the fact that there are 2 people who have a vested interest in the smooth operation of the world, rather than having the entire burden fall to 1 person.

That's it, we'll work out some kind of early-Season 38 date for selection, just wanted to put it out there well in advance.

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