Monday, December 15, 2008

Nationals Season 6 Preview

After winning the NL East in season 5 handily.   The Nationals were shut down by the strong pitching  of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Nationals have a strong bullpen, good starting lineup, decent starting pitching and good defense.   The problem is and has been they do not have two top Ace pitchers that can shut down the other teams lineup in the playoffs, when every run scored or prevented is crucial.  Nationals management did not address this issue during the spring, but will be on the lookout for something to develop later in the season.   The Nationals starting line-up for Season 6:
C: Karim DeRojas offense fell off a bit from season 4
Ned Holmes will be the back up.
1B: Miller Locke had a nice sophomore season.
2B: Eric Brantley tailed off a bit from season 4.
3B: D'Angelo DeLeon moved to 3B last season, think he's more suited there
SS: Chad Fitzgerald gold glove winner last season
Horace Curtis will see some time at SS, in the IF and OF
 Ralph Rivers listed at SS, but more of a backup at 3B and the OF
LF:  Tomas Pascual not ready to start at 2nd but bat is too good
CF: Enrique Rodriguez not ready to play SS, will give him a shot at CF
Duffy Bell gold glove winner last season, will backup in the OF
Juan Rosario backup in the OF
RF: Evan Strange moved him to RF last season

The Nationals Pitching staff for Season 6:
SP1:  Dave Rizzo lack of a good 2nd pitch hurts him at times 
SP2:  Pedro Torres had a nice season last year
SP3:  Mark Knight made a starter in season 4 and hasn't dissappointed
SP4: Del Jang 
SP5:  Albert Ontiveros hoping for a breakout year this season
LRA:  Butch Barker mopup, the odd start
SuA:  Earl Simmons hoping for a big year from him
SuA:  Matt Cole 
SuB: Scooter Mann Rule 5 pick this season
CL: Vic Toca was great last year

Youngsters:  Ross LambHerman MahlerAlex Mercado may see some 
time in the Majors this season. Nationals management is excited 
about this season. Management expects to make the playoffs, 
than who knows what will happen.

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