Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Season 6 Power Rankings: Through 25 Games

After taking a brief poll amongst Major League Owners, the following Power Rankings have been published for your enjoyment only. It is a representation of how the owners around the league feel the teams should be ranked. Hopefully, the next round will get a little more input!

1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Minnesota Twins
3. Washington D.C. Nationals
4. Philidelphia Phillies
5. Kansas City Royals
6. San Diego Padres
7. Arizoa Diamondbacks
8. Chicago Cubs
9. Oakland Athletics
10. San Francisco Giants/Houston Astros (Tie)

Amongst the surprises here are that the Atlanta Braves were only mentioned by a single voter, despite being a perennial contender in the NL. The KC Royals have certainly made some huge strides an a relatively weak division with their incredible offense. The Giants slip in, all that talent should start paying off. I cant say I disagree St. Louis at #1. The combination of youth and talent there is amazing. Current WS Champs, the Twins, seem to be slipping in a lot of owners opinions. Washington was consistently ranked between 2-4 by almost all the voters. Oakland and Arizona come up fairly even across all the voters and should make for a great divisional chase down the stretch.

1 comment:

Zalman B said...

Thanks for the bulletin board material!

To paraphrase the late, great, Rodney Dangerfield - "we don't get no respect!"

Oh well, maybe if the Twins pull off the three-peat we can make it to the top of the Power Rankings. Then again, maybe not.