Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Power Ranking Format!!!

Welcome to the New Power Rankings for Major Leagues. Place your votes on the left (you can choose up to 5 teams, please only vote one time though). Feel free to use the comment area below if you would like to expand on your votes in any way. Thanks for your participation.


pstrnutbag44 said...

For me, it's 1. St. Louis, 2. Minnesota, 3. Washingotn, 4. Anaheim, 5. Oakland. AL west is very tough, and the Twins are still the team to beat overall in the AL, although they seem to continue to slip in the minds of other GM's. St. Louis simply has the best talent, hands down, throughout the entire system. DC is coming up hard and fast though and has all the pieces to be a very serious WS contender.

EasyE7273 said...

To me, the Power Rankings represent the top teams in the league at that moment in time. It doesn't consider "potential" or historical information. That said, I voted 1) Washington D.C., 2) St. Louis, 3) Philadelphia, 4) Anaheim, 5) Oakland - these ratings were made Friday night so things may have changed since.

chase39 said...

1. St. Louis-can't beat them 2. Anaheim-there tough 3. Washington-need an ace 4. KC-heck of a turn around 5. Oakland-tough division