Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who Will Represent the NL in the NLCS? (Poll Results)

Who Will Represent the NL in the NLCS? (Poll Results)

Poll Instructions - Pick the two NL teams you think will meet in the NLCS. Please do not vote more than once, and feel free to leave comments below!!

The Results (19 Voters)

1 (5%) Atlanta Braves

1 (5%) Chicago Cubs

0 (0%) Cincinnati Reds

0 (0%) Colorado Rockies

0 (0%) Florida Marlins

4 (21%) Houston Astros

0 (0%) L.A. Dodgers

0 (0%) Milwaukee Brewers

0 (0%) Montreal Expos

0 (0%) N.Y. Mets

0 (0%) Philadelphia Phillies

1 (5%) Pittsburgh Pirates

1 (5%) S.D. Padres

1 (5%) S.F. Giants

13 (68%) St. Louis Cardinals

11 (57%) Washington D.C. Nationals

Total Teams Named - 33. Since there were 19 voters, if everyone followed the rules, there should have been 38 teams selected (2 per voter). Since there were only 33, I imagine some people (myself included) misread the question and selected only the team they predict to WIN the NLCS. Oops.

Based on the results, it looks like people expect the favorites to have little problem separating themselves from the rest of the pack and dominating the playoffs as well. Over half of the voters expect either the probable #1 seed Washington D.C. Nationals, the probable #2 seed St. Louis Cardinals, or both to make the NLCS. Besides those two teams, only the Houston Astros (4 votes) had more than a single vote of support.

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