Monday, February 2, 2009

Owner Interview: coltonrocks

1. How did you get into whatifsports?

I can't remember exactly but I belive I saw it mentioned in SportsIllustrated a while ago and figured I would give it a try.

2. What is your favorite thing about HBD?

I think I would have to say the fact that you can control every aspect of the team and make all the decisions to help the team win.

3. Least favorite thing about HBD?

Like most people probably coach hiring. Losing sucks too though ;)

4. How did you find out about Major Leagues?

I was looking through the classifieds for a league that would take a rookie owner with absolutely no experience and this was one that caught my attention being modelled after the real major leagues. I came in season one and was able to get my Jays which also drew me to this league.

5. Who is coltonrocks?

I am actually an 18 year old first year Commerce/Business student at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. I have played just about every sport out there and am currently playing University football here for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies which makes coming up with the time and money to play this something of a challenge. That is the main reason I am only in this one world but it has definately been worth it so far.

6. What are your favorite sports and/or sports teams?

I played football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and just about everything else you can think of when I was younger. I have to go with mostly Canadian teams being from there. I will say the Toronto Raptors and Blue Jays, Calgary Flames, and for football I would have to say the Baltimore Ravens with Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. Football and basketball are my two passions though.

7. All-time favorite sports moment?

Although I dont remember much about it as I was very young, the Jays winning back to back World Series' in the early 90's was huge for everyone in Canada and is incredible to watch old highlights of it. The Joe Carter home run specifically was a huge moment in sports for me. More recently and probably unknown to most here would be my hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders winning the CFL's Grey Cup in '07.

8. What other baseball games have you previously played? (tabletop, fantasy, video, computer, i.e. anything from Strat-O-Matic to Baseball Mogul to RBI Baseball and everything in between)

I haven't played much for baseball games other than just the MLB series on PS2 and I usually have one or two fantasy teams every year in baseball.

9. What player, in your minor league system, has the most potential to be a star and why?

This is an easy one. For sure I will go with Willie Fernandez my AAA Shortstop. I have been really trying to get a SS for the past couple of year and the deal I was able to swing with the Mets to get Fernandez and Victor Gabriel will hopefully work out great for both teams. Fernandez has a good combination of defense and offense and should be an all-star calibre SS for a long time.

10. Who is your Franchise Player and/or team MVP?

Aurelio Manuel is fast becoming our Franchise Player and team MVP. He was picked up in a deal with the A's in season 3 and has been very good so far hitting at least 20 HR's and 100 RBI's in each season here in Toronto. I am hoping that Eddie foxx can take over part of this role as well and he seems to be on his way with a solid season going here in season 6.

11. What are your team's prospects in the short, medium and long-term?

I had thought that we would be making at least a run at a playoff spot this season but I have been terribly disappointed with the way we are playing right now. I feel we have a great pitching staff and our starters are all young and cheap at least for the time being so I see our medium term prospects as being pretty bright. In the long term things get a little more grey. We have a few solid prospects but many are close to being ML ready, so refilling the minors is my biggest concern for next season.

12. Who is your biggest Major Leagues rival?

Who else can I say other than my division mates especially zbrent. Everyone just seems to be getting better so it looks like this division will continue to be one of the toughest in the world for a long time.

13. What do you look for in a Hitter?

In hitters, splits and eye are the most important for me. I like to have both over at least 60. I dont pay as much attention to power as some people but I will take it if I can get it.

14. What do you look for in a Pitcher?

In pitchers its control, splits, then pitches in that order. They have to have one of good splits or good pitches though. I probably would not take a pitcher with control less than 50 unless they were an absolute stud in every other rating.

15. What is the best move you’ve ever made in Major Leagues?

Getting Manuel and Doug Duran in season three has been a solid trade for both myself and the A's in my opinion. I belive that getting Fernandez and Gabriel this season will be a great deal in the future but giving up Byron Watson for them was tough to swallow.

16. What is the worst move you’ve ever made in Major Leagues?

There are so many where do I start. Signing Neil Torres this year hasn't seemed to have panned out very well but I had the cap room and he has a mutual otion for next year which will most likely be picked up. Another poor move was signing Ajax Kaline to a 4 year deal worth 8.13 million per season and Zip O'Donnell to a 2 year deal worth 12.5 million per season in season 1. Then trading R.J. Wood and two others for Lucas Jones and two others. I pretty much destroyed my first season with those three moves.

17. What is your most memorable HBD moment, any world?

As this is the only world I am or have ever been in I guess te most memorable moment was making the season 3 playoffs. Hopefully I can improve on that and make a WS run in the next few seasons.

18. What is your team’s #1 strength?

I thought it was pitching but they haven't been as good as I thought they were.

19. What is your team’s #1 weakness?This season it has been my bullpen. It has been made up of mostly the same pitchers for the last couple seasons but has really struggled so far this season.

20. In what ways, if any, do you think Major Leagues could improve?

It has been very good and stable since pstrnutbag took over as commish. Maybe me winning a playoff game would make things better but I don't have any real beefs with the way things are running right now.

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