Sunday, February 15, 2009

Owner Interview: basilleaf2

1. How did you get into whatifsports?

I don't remember exactly. I'm sure I was just surfing the web sometime and stumbled across the site. Been a member for about 8 yrs. now.

2. What is your favorite thing about HBD?

Watching the younger players progress and make it to the ML level.

3. Least favorite thing about HBD?

I really can't stand spring training. I try to get my players a little playing time, but more worried about fatigue and injury. I almost never depend on ST to determine any of my starters.

4. How did you find out about Major Leagues?

I actually received a credit for a free season for playing one of Fox's web games. Been in Evangeline league for 11 years now but with a free season, I needed to find another league & I liked the Major League theme.

5. Who is basilleaf2?

A 35 year old warehouse manager who is married with 3 wonderful kids, leaving in Indiana. An avid sports fan. Football - my first love, followed by hockey, baseball & basketball.

6. What are your favorite sports and/or sports teams?

Die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan, great year this season. Also Die hard fan of The Ohio State University. Love the Reds (one of these years), Blackhawks, and Celtics.

7. All-time favorite sports moment?

The 2002 OSU Buckeyes beating Da "U" for the championship.

8. What other baseball games have you previously played? (tabletop, fantasy, video, computer, i.e. anything from Strat-O-Matic to Baseball Mogul to RBI Baseball and everything in between)

Played them all on Nintendo, but when Sony came out with Triple Play, that ended any free time I had. Madden, etc lost all my interest for seasons at a time of Triple Play.

9. What player, in your minor league system, has the most potential to be a star and why?

Luis Contreras is probably my best prospect in the minors. My ML lineup have a couple young guys that could be a potential all stars.

10. Who is your Franchise Player and/or team MVP?

Mark Blum has been on my ML squad since day 1 and has endured the many losing seasons. Hopefully this team is turning the corner and he will see a playoff run in the near future.

11. What are your team's prospects in the short, medium and long-term?

Right now I'm pretty excited about short, medium & long term. Hopefully this team will make a run next year at a playoff spot. With the draft picks and international prospects, the minors have a good amount of talent for several years to come.

12. Who is your biggest Major Leagues rival?

When you haven't come close to winning since the birth of the league, It's hard to have a big rival. I guess I'd say Natic Empire since he's dominated the NL West division.

13. What do you look for in a Hitter?

I'm a big splits guy. Need either contact or power with good splits. Eye, and speed are nice additions, but want good well rounded hitters.

14. What do you look for in a Pitcher?

All 4 of the main categories. Stam, control, & splits. Don't pay much attention to FB/GB, put some weight into the pitch ratings.

15. What is the best move you’ve ever made in Major Leagues?

I haven't made many moves since I want to believe I have most of the pieces to the puzzle, just need them to all get to the ML level and mature.

16. What is the worst move you’ve ever made in Major Leagues?

No particular move, but a couple of international prospects that I signed and then an even better one comes along, and I've already blown my load on other players.

17. What is your most memorable HBD moment, any world?

Still waiting on a signature moment. I've made it to the division championship series in my other league, but nothing noteworthy.

18. What is your team’s #1 strength?

Youth and salary flexibility. While they are young and getting the ML minimum, easy to spend money on the draft, training, international prospects.

19. What is your team’s #1 weakness?

Again...youth. Just not quite there yet. Trying to be patient, but the time has come when this franchise should start to make some playoff runs, or ownership should be questioned.

20. In what ways, if any, do you think Major Leagues could improve?

Considering where this league was just a couple of seasons ago, great strides have already been made. A solid group of owners who have been through some bickering and turmoil, just would like to see a solid group of 30 owners who keep coming back year after year.

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