Monday, October 24, 2011


Already headline-makers on day 1 of FA (committing $74MM to catcher Cory Lindblom), the Washington Nationals blew the doors off free agency today with a max-$ ($130MM) contract for RP Jesus Olivares and a $90MM deal for 2B Miguel Javier.

Along with the trade for LF Paul Henderson and 3B Joaquin Guzman, the moves totally transform D.C.'s already-good offense. Look for 1115-120 HR's and 75 SB's as the Nats try to supplant Colorado atop the runs-scored list.

Although it's unclear how the team plans to use Olivares, it's doubtful they would offer a max contract to someone they pictured in a 60-inning closer role. More likely, they're expecting him to throw 2-3 innings in the middle of games...with no lead safe against this team, could he win 20 as a setup man?


Coach34 said...

He will either be the best or the worst GM of S17- there is no in-between

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it. Boy, my pirates are going to look pathetic in the NL East for awhile...just like real life.