Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who's The Best Hitter In Major Leagues' History?

Well, it depends on your stat.

Here are the top 5 by the most traditional measure, OPS:

Luis Escobar .993
Dickie Scharein .991
Tim Rogers .979
Harold Wilkins .975
Jae Nakano .975

Here they are by rc/27:

Nakano 9.41
Escobar 8.78
Tomas Pascual 8.62
Scharein 8.45
Rogers 8.42

4 of 5 the same, although Nakano moves from 5th to first.

Finally, by "approximate woba (weighted on-base average)". ((2 x OBP) + SLG %)/3 ends up being a pretty good proxy for woba.

Escobar .474
Nakano .471
Rogers .466
Pascual .465
Scharein .456

Who's your pick?

1 comment:

Overeasy said...

Nakano is the clear choice. He has maintained the high level of excellence over far more PAs than the others on the list.