Saturday, October 31, 2015

Countdown - 10 Greatest P's In Major Leagues History: 5-7

At #'s 5-7 we have the big counting-stats guys.  Some of the key numbers: 6, 303, and 33...

At #7, we have 6-time Cy Young winner Vincenzo Smalley.  He's also #2 on the all-time wins list with 296.  Not quite the qualitative numbers of some higher on the list (he faced DH's in the AL for all but a few minutes of his career), he's had the longest period of dominance of any AL pitcher.

In at #6 is our all-time wins leader (303), Luis Contreras.  Although obviously a dominant pitcher, his claim to fame stems from his longevity - he's still our career leader in quality starts and strikeouts, and is #2 in shutouts.

At #5, we're getting into the territory of the guys who combine top counting stats with qualitative dominance.  At age 33, Tony Moya is already our career leader in shutouts (33), and is #5 all-time in WHIP and On-Base % Allowed.  With 4 Cy Youngs already, he seems a lock for 1 or 2 more.

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