Saturday, October 31, 2015

Countdown - 10 Greatest P's In Major Leagues History: 2-4

At #4 we have our all-time Cy Young leader with 7 - Keith Caldwell. From Seasons 21 through 28, only 1 season went by with Caldwell winning a CY somewhere (4 NL and 3 AL).  He also dominates the quality stats leaderboards like no one not named Rojas - 3rd in BA allowed, 2nd in OB% allowed, 2nd in Slugging % allowed, 2nd in WHIP, 2nd in ERA.

At #3 we have our sole reliever and longevity champ (still going strong at 40), Ramiro Goya.  The 5-time FOY winner is far and away our career saves leader (with 734, over 100 ahead of #2).  In the qualitative stats, he's #1 in WHIP, OBA allowed and K/BB, #3 in Slugging % Allowed and ERA, and #4 in BA Allowed.

At #2 we have the best pitcher of the modern era, Miguel Rojas.  He dominates the qualitative stats career leaderboards - tops in BA allowed, #3 on OBA allowed, #1 in Slugging allowed, #1 in ERA and #3 in WHIP.  All in a fairly pitcher-hostile ballpark.  The only possible knock on Rojas was that he wasn't a monster innings eater - he was usually in the 210's in IP - but his 276 wins is still #3 all-time.  Throw in 5 Cy Young's and he's a pretty unassailable #2.

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