Saturday, March 12, 2016

Season 33 High School Draft Picks

Season 33 was a poor draft for high school players.  If your team only scouts HS players as mine does, you were sure to be disappointed in the quantity and quality of future ML players.  I think the best strategy this season would have been to draft and hope the player picked doesn't sign.   Anyway, here is a review of the HS players drafted in this year's first round of the draft:

Chicago Cubs pick 5 Paxton Shuck has 2 good pitches, splits are not high enough for him to be dominant, i see him as a no. 3 or no. 4 starter good to decent pick, will madden you with his inconsistency.
Florida Marlins pick 6 Gil Oberg stamina isn't there to be a starter, has good splits, nice pick
Nashville Sounds pick 7 Ichiro Chong should make a good lead off hitter if signed excellent speed, good eye, bit a pop in the bat, would make a good LF, doesn't hit lefties as well as i'd like to see, but overall a good pick
Toronto Blue Jays pick 8 Johnnie Bennett splits in the 70's if he develops, control will be an issue, best suited in the pen, fastball is his best pitch
Cleveland Indians pick 11 Desmond Farmer I had him ranked no. 3 out of HS players, excellent contact, power, good eye, splits should end up in 60's, health a bit low but should be in the late 60's maybe touch 70, excellent pick, i'm upset i didn't get him, as long as he stays healthy this is one player that you can count on, most of these prospects are suspects, not this guy
Texas Rangers pick 12 Roy Booker my scouts didn't see him, maybe that's a good thing
Cleveland Indians pick 13 Tyrone McDonald slits in the 60's, will be a good 2B maybe lacking a bit defensively, good contact, eye, bit a pop, if he develops a good 2B/LF, nice pick
Philadelphia Phillies pick 14 Tony Pickett a lefty with poor splits against righthander hitters, power, flyball pitcher,  for Philly's sake hopefully he doesn't sign,
San Francisco Giants pick 15 Marcell Trinidad  a lefty with poor slits against right handed hitters, power pitcher, 2 really good pitches
Arizona Diamondbacks pick 16 Brett Milton scouts didn't see him, so nothing to say
St. Louis Cardinals pick 17 Scott Holliday  if his glove develops would make a good 3B, otherwise might have to settle for RF, good splits, contact is low, good pick
Houston Astros pick 18 Abraham Robinson  power pitcher, poor splits, 2 good pitches
San Francisco Giants pick 20 Zip Gray makeup is low so i don't see him coming close to his projections, poor contact, good splits, good defense, maybe a backup 2B
New York Mets pick 26 Clayton Gwynn  good fielding decent hitting SS, makeup is low so that will hinder his development
Atlanta Braves pick 27 Rafael Romero  average splits, power pitcher, bullpen somewhere
Washington Nationals pick 29 Abdul Gant  splits in the 60's low contact, has some pop, key for him will be developing his range, we drafted him to replace Pat Lincoln at 3B
Anaheim Angels pick 30 Irv Rossy my scouts didn't see him
Washington Nationals pick 33 Jesse Runion  good splits, pitches, how well he improves his control will determine how successful he turns out to be,
Minnesota Twins pick 34  Lou Scott  good defense, good speed decent splits, bit a pop, low contact, would make a good backup 2B/CF, pinch runner
Chicago White Sox pick 35 Ruben Delgado  1B poor splits, low contact, good speed, career minor leaguer

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