Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's Official: HBD Scoring Now At Real-Life MLB levels

Oh, the good old days of HBD, when sluggers routinely hit 70 HR's a year, when you couldn't compete unless your SS hit 25 HR's, and when a 12-man pitching staff was considered "thin".

Those days are over.

In a trend we remarked on at the beginning of Season 32, HBD scoring has been dropping since Season 29 (see the page Historical Scoring Trends, and especially note the "Little Ice Age" from Seasons 29-31).

Season 32 was up - 4.52 runs per team per game, but so far this year we're at 4.28 runs per team per game...only microscopically above MLB's 4.25 for the 2015 season.

What does this heresy mean?

Your sluggers are going to hit 40 HR's a year instead of 60.

That SS who OPS's .560 but turns 27 + plays with a .985 fielding percentage is now GOLD.

Sacrifice bunts  are not necessarily a blatant throwaway of an out anymore.

Stolen bases mean a little something.

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