Sunday, May 1, 2016

Season 33 Records Recap

As expected in this pitching-dominant era, we didn't light up any hitting records last year - all the single-season incursions into the record books came on the pitching side.  But we did have a couple of special hitters break into or move up in the career hitting lists.  Enjoy.

On the single-season pitching records side...

Mets ironman Ruben Ozuna tossed 278.3 innings last year, good for 3rd-most all-time.

Rockies' closer Norman Weston notched 51 saves, tied for 3rd all-time.

On the career hitting records ledger...

White Sox slugger Tsuyoshi Tabaka moved into a tie for 3rd  all-time with 672 HR's, and passed Derrin Davenport for 3rd place on the career RBI list with 1869.  He's been #1 on the career runs created chart for awhile now - he extended his mark to 2106.44.

Magglio Rodriguez moved up to #4 in career RC/27 with 8.40.

And, among the career pitching leaders...

With 6 CG's last year, Houston's Tony Moya is about to lap the field in Career CG - 87 vs 2nd place 67 for Grover Thames.  Moya did not have a shutout last year, but still leads career shutouts with 37.

Manuel Cano now sits at #3 all-time ERA at 2.42; Garrett Ward is in at #5 with 2.52.

For career OBP-against, Cano is #4 at .271 and Ozuna is #5 at .272.

Cano moved to #4 in Slugging % allowed at .302 and#4 in WHIP with a 1.04, Ozuna is #5 in WHIP with 1.05.

Jesse Rivera took over #4 in career IP with 4232.3

Kevin Chong cracked the top 5 in saves with 435.

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