Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome New Owner mjdato

Who is mjdato in real life? 
I am a IT Infrastructure Engineer, specializing in VMWare and Cisco technologies.  I am a husband and father of an 8 year old son. I coach baseball and basketball and have been on WIS since 2006. Played GD for a long time before jumping in to HBD and now I solely am focused on HBD.
Cubs or Indians? Why? 
I am indifferent on the WS. I'm a Reds fan, but truly have no tie to either team.
Best and worst HBD moments?
Best WIS moment was my first GD National Championship. And then I won two WS in 2 days a while back so that was a big thrill too. I never have more than 3 teams at a time typically, so to win 2 in 2 days was awesome.  Worst WIS moment was every other season that I didn't win. It's truly disappointing when you have a WS caliber team and don't win it. I think about it on my drives to and from customers, and really all the time.
HBD strategem you tried that didn't work?My very first season I sorted all free agents by previous season stats and signed a slew of guys who had awesome prior seasons. Not realizing that it listed their minor league stats and not ML stats. So my first season I thought, this is easy, I'm going to roll through this. I won 54 games.

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