Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome New Owner (OK, new last year) jsturgis5866

Who is jsturgis5866 in real life?

Jack Sturgis the 5866th. OK, not the last part. Just the first. Resident of Massachusetts, USA, although some might argue that it's really it's own socialist republic. Yes, Red Sox - slash - Patriots - slash - Celtics - slash - Bruins fan. Turned 6-0 this year, Previously lived in the Washington, D.C., and New York City metro areas as a newspaper journalist, then rebounded to Mass. where I took up a second career as a community college professor (of journalism and English). 

Cubs or Indians? Why? 

I'll flip a coin on the World Series participants. They both have ties to the Red Sox: I'm a big fan of Theo Epstein and chronically ill franchises, and Terry Francona is the best manager the Red Sox have had, maybe ever. I'll be happy either way, but right now I'm hoping: Indians, 2016 champs; Cubs 2017 champs.

Best and worst HBD moments? 

Best moments WS titles, rebuilding destroyed franchises, commissioner of two worlds plus commissioner "assistant" in others. Most of all the connections I've made to the owners over the years, probably met in person 10-12 different guys, maybe more.

Worst moments: Consistently good teams in divisions that are ultra competitive so playoffs always just out of reach. Constant trade rape and destruction of minor league systems by quote-unquote "good" owners. 
WIS continued idiotic tweaks, e.g. budget transfers.

HBD strategem you tried that didn't work?

I don't go crazy with strategy attempts in the fringe. Perhaps the most disappointing was the era where pitch-calling became all the rage then turned out not to matter a whit. The few times I've used closer conistently: dumb, dumb, dumb. Recs put 'em there, and owners think it's necessary.

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