Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Owner Intro - BastanRedsox

Who is BastanRedsox in real life?

I am a Loss Prevention Manager at a hotel in Houston.  I play softball 3x a week and play on a tournament team that travels the country. I play high stakes fantasy, and recently learned I am in the top 1% that spend money in fantasy baseball every year. I don't know if that is a good thing or not though. ;)

Cubs or Indians? Why?
Have the Indians to win the WS at 15/1 so I'll let you guys decide on who I'm rooting for. Plus, can't have the lovable losers if they don't lose... 

Best and worst HBD moments?

Best HBD moment was my first WS win in Rickey. I had maybe the best pitching staff ever assembled from top to bottom and played in Augusta. We all remember these stupid players names when they cherry gets popped. My worst? Man I don't know, I lost the love for the game a year ago, so maybe that's it. I'm hoping that it can come back in this world with this team.

HBD strategem you tried that didn't work?
When I first started I tried to win in international free agency but didn't know how crazy it was and who to wait on or who to pounce on. I ended up leaving 25-30 million on the table in one of my first seasons.

HBD strategem you tried that didn't work?

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