Thursday, November 10, 2016

Intro to new old owner crabman26

1. Who is crabman26 in real life? 
Rich Rice, currently residing in beautiful Hood River, Oregon after moving here from Maryland this past summer. Huge Orioles and Ravens fan, and I guess now a Portland Trailblazer fan since thats the only real sports team we have here (I don't count Soccer). I work as a Facilities Manager at a community health center running renovations/ new construction/ facility upgrades.

2. Cubs or Indians? Why? 
I guess I would pick the Cubs, Cleveland already won a championship recently in b-ball and I am tired of hearing about the lovable losers, so let them win one finally! I honestly dont care though who wins, Id be happy for the Indians as well.

3. Best and worst HBD moments? 
Best - Taking over teams in World American Pastime and Kinsella that at the time never had a season over .500 and building both of them into World Series winners. Worst - HBD has now taken all the fun out of the draft, to the point I basically punt the draft now and that used to be my favorite part of this game. Also, my current team in World NCAA II seems to be in a forever purgatory that I can't fix...very embarrassing so far!

4. HBD strategem you tried that didn't work?
I tried a strategy of getting the high split ratings for hitters while ignoring Contact and BE for a brief period of time. The results were way too unpredictable from season to season with those players and when they were bad, they were bad.

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