Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Franchises Still Looking for New Owners

In the American League:

Arizona Diamondbacks

This team has always finished either a few games over or under .500 so it will only take some minor corrections to allow them to compete in the tough AL West. With a solid pitching staff that includes Mark Jang, Brian Averill Jerry York and Willis Harding the D-Backs can hold other team’s offenses in check. The offense is lead by the most talented player in the league, Dickie Scherin (2B) and not having reached his full potential yet things will only get better.

The farm system has many fine prospects that will soon be pushing for ML jobs. Haywood Franco (SP), Branch Buchanon (2B), Derrin Davenport (LF) and others will either reinforce the existing talent or can be used as trade bait.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox have struggled but have a strong group to build around. On the ML level the mound corps are anchored by Ace Steve Mills, a young player with lots of potential. Thomas Conner, Warren Perez and Al Tomlinson are also capable hurlers that will keep this team competitive. The offense is lead by Davey Morales, Paul Wagner and Deivi Mercado who can all do more than patrol the vast outfields of the league.

Down on the farm top prospects Garry Brinkley (SP), Benji O’Keefe (1B), Timothy Jackson (LF), Felipe Gandarillas (RF) are chomping at the bit to get their opportunities on the big stage and have the talent to take advantage of it.

With some work this team will be able to compete sooner rather than later.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers suffered thru some questionable management decisions causing this strong offensive team to fall to a new franchise low in wins. The pitching staff needs a serious infusion of quality arms with a focus on better control, while the team’s offense seems to be strong and also appeared to suffer under the previous regimes management style. Max Breech (2B) & PT Oliva (RF) are extremely talented hitters that make this offense run. The team also has help on the way in the form of Russell Rolls (C), Jon Olson (RF) & Cy Hunter (CF).

This team will need a patient hand to guide it thru a rough year or so as more talent is acquired.

Nashville Sounds

This team started strong in season one and has recorded a worse record each season after that. While the bullpen is strong with the likes of Chris Jacome & Roscoe Valentine, the starting rotation could use some help.

The Sounds have some very potent bats in their lineup with the leaders being AJ Hemingway (1B) & Jude Taubensee (2B). Cesar Castillo (SS), Don Brock (LF), Julo Mendez (COF) & Matty De La Vega (COF) also can be counted on for offensive help.

The AAA, AA & RL teams all finished above .500 but the minors could use an additional influx of talent. The Nashville organization will need some retooling but isn’t that far from being a consistent contender.

In the National League:

Houston Astros

The NL South has been dominated by the reigning WS Champion Atlanta Braves. While Houston has finished in 2nd twice they have never finished above .500. Unfortunately this team needs a large influx of talent. Hick Hogan & Tomas Vazquez are two strong starters to build a staff around. Control issues plague a majority of the remaining pitchers on the ML staff. The offense will also need to be addressed with limited options available currently. There is some help in the minors and players like Delino Flores (3B), Don Thurman (RP), Ricky Roberts (3B), John Mateo (RP) & Hugh Clark (CF) will help upgrade the team’s talent level in the near future.

A solid owner with a plan to improve the team’s talent throughout the organization should be able to make a dramatic impact on this struggling team.

Montreal Expos

Only one year removed from a 90 win season the Expos have the talent to compete in the always tough NL North. The offense is tough from top to bottom but with a few additional arms added to the pitching staff a playoff appearance may be within reach.

The minor league teams were well taken care of as AAA, Lo-A & RL teams won their division. The only team to finish below .500 was the AA team but it appears that there are several players that will be ML worthy throughout the minors.
With only minor changes I would expect a new owner be able to come in and battle for a playoff position immediately.

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