Saturday, May 24, 2008

World Major Leagues News: New Commisioner Set For Season 4

Welcome back baseball fans, it's that time once again to prepare for another exciting season of Major Leagues baseball! To properly set you up for the new season, we're going to hear from the new Comissioner of World Major Leagues as he gets us up to date on what's coming ahead for season 4.

Word Smith - Thanks for the brief interview, we know you are a very busy person trying hard to fill up the league and get it going. We appreciate you taking out the time to let us know a little bit about the state of the league and where you see it going forward.

Pstrnutbag - No problem at all. Any press is good press and we really need to get our name out there, help us fill up some of these teams without owners. It's amazing to me to see these extremely talented teams that have no owner right now, no direction. Offensive powerhouse Dickie Scharein (Arizona) has no owner to report to. The Cincinatti Reds are also going to make a great run for the playoffs, if they only had the right direction.

Word Smith - What would you say is the probelm then? If your league is just overflowing with talented players like Alex Groom (Philly) and Andres Gonzalez (Montreal), why is it so tough to find new owners for teams like New York?

Pstrnutbag - Well, as far as New York goes, that's the only team in the league that's in obvious rebuild mode. They got saddled with some bad contracts (Don Satou) but there is certainly light at the end of their tunnel. As for the others, a lot of it is pure economics. It's a tough time for folks, especially money-wise. Nobody wants to plop down the $$$ to buy a team that they are unsure of these days. I'm pretty sure the minor controversy we had toward the end of last season may have scared off a few potential owners as well. As it stands now though, we have a new commisioner, and a very clear understanding with all current owners about the expectations of fielding a competitive team. Everyone in the league gets along great, and they are all extremely dedicated and passionate not only for their teams, but for the league as a whole.

Word Smith - What is it that you plan to do to promote your league? What can you do to attract good owners?

Pstrnutbag - Well, honestly, it's a tough job. Aside from some classified posting, a stack of personal invites I sent out, and counting on some help from my leaguemates, there isn't a whole lot that can be done. All I can really do is put the league and open teams out there, and hope somebody sees how talented these teams are. I have considered some sort of promotion though to help fill the last few spots, something involving some GC's. We'll have to see how it all plays out over the next day or two though. Hopefully the lure of talent and possibly some free credit will be enough to convince owners that now is a prime opportunity to get into a very solid world full of great owners. I also plan to begin contributing to the world Blog alongside yourself, Smitty. The blog itself seems to add a lot to the league when it gets used often.

Word Smith - I don't know about you fans, but I'd love to get one of these great teams. Seems like things are looking up and trodding along in World Major Leagues. We'll have to see what the future holds, but this writer says we've got ourselves a hell of a season approaching. If only a few new owners can step forward, this world isn't far off from what they call "elite". Much like the Patriot League, friends. That's just one man's opinion, fella' name 'a Smith, first name Word.

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