Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wholesale Changes Ahead for Major League World

With the recent exodus of the previous commissioner, Major League World has undergone a gigantic transformation. Pstrnutbag44 in a bold move has taken over leadership of this 4 year old league in an attempt to bring stability to a world trying to join the ranks of the elite organizations on the WIS site.

To this end Pengoman, Jamsing7 and Pbodine have rejoined the league to reunite with the returning owners to form a solid base with which to build on. Pengoman previously ran the Nashville franchise but has decided that rebuilding the NY Yankees will be a more rewarding challenge. Jamsing7 again takes over the helm of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays a team he successfully lead before last seasons slip under a different owner. Pbodine has returned to the Milwaukee franchise that he lead to the only winning season in franchise history.

Some veteran owners have also found the MLW to their liking and will be joining the mix this season. Stewart_uk (Boston Red Sox), Grissom97 (Kansas City Royals), Arodsagent2 (Chicago Cubs), Edham55 (Philadelphia Phillies) bring a vast amount of HBD experience and success to help strengthen a dedicated group.

The league has made it known that they are willing to take a chance on new talent. So far relative newcomer Afatrain (Pittsburgh Pirates) and rookies dropyerglove (Los Angeles Dodgers), Mikesons1973 (Cincinnati Reds) have joined the fold.

So far the screening process imposed by Pstrnutbag44 seems to be attracting quality individuals with the desire to build successful franchises in these Major League cities. The future looks bright for the Major League World with a few more franchises still looking for new owners, interested parties are encouraged to contact Pstrnutbag44 via sitemail.

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