Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Final Seven Have Been Selected

After a lengthy and exhaustive search the final 7 owners have been selected. Commissioner P-nut has put in a lot of time and effort to find the best fits for the remaining franchises and determined that these people are the right ones for the jobs.

In the American League, the Chicago White Sox were picked up by HBD vet Casanelly. The Detroit Tigers will have newcomer Sdhizzle leading the way, as the Nashville Sound are guided by the somewhat more experienced Tonywin33.

Over in the National League there were 4 teams available with only the Washington Nationals’ Chase39 having any previous experience. However, the new blood and enthusiasm being displayed by rookies Slickwillie (Arizona Diamondbacks), Coachdeal10 (Houston Astros), and J_homicide (Montreal Expos) seems to be infecting the whole league.

It was a difficult off season for Commissioner P-Nut with the wholesale changes that needed to be undertaken. With everyone now in place it’s time to get on the field and begin the season long battle for the championship trophy. Good luck everyone.

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