Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jockeying for Position

The yearly preseason maneuvers are now complete as the season is ready to begin. As is the norm teams looking to contend for the title jumped into the free agent and trade markets to find the missing pieces for their championship dreams.

Here are some of the top players that were moved this off season deals.

Arizona needed a leadoff hitter and acquired the veteran bat of Rick French. In the free agent market they grabbed P Hades Christiansen, Stump Laker, Henry Blake.

Atlanta picked up P Jerry Lee and SS Arthur Hyers.

Boston added vets C Matt York & Will Barr through free agency.

Colorado decided to add to their offensive firepower by adding speedsters Nigel Shibata & Bonk Coles and additional power when it acquired Andre Shields. To keep pitching coach Otis Duffy happy they also added a few arms when they picked up Frank Glover, Lonnie Jacome & Vin Moya. Duffy must have asked Santa for more toys to play with and received $15 million man Bobby Joe McIntosh & Bryant Hodges.

Detroit in need of some help for the pitching staff went into the plucked Hugh Purcell, Adam McGee & Howard Flynn from the FA market.

Florida added the very capable Randall Wheeler to their bullpen.

Houston was able to pick up Mateo Alvarez & Eric Perry to bolster their pitching staff. The biggest move by the team however was adding stud catching prospect Ryan Stahl.
Adding 9 free agents 30 or older lead by Pascual Sosa & Clarence Rothschild has turned this team into the over-the-hill gang.

Kansas City needed to strengthen a weak bullpen and feel they have with the signings of Alex Estrella, Larry Koch & Billy Garcia.

Minnesota not wanting to be left out of the fun turned to LF Dee Young for some extra offense.

New York Mets filled a couple of holes with veterans CF Hiram Nakano & 1B Alexander Springer.

New York Yankees were able to find a way to pry loose a major young arm in closer Bill Hoffman, but also lost Ryan Taylor in the Rule 5 draft thereby taking away another young talent they had acquired.

Oakland also found some talented young arms for their bullpen on the market and came away with a couple of Lance’s in Wolf & Turner.

Pittsburgh went looking for speed and a centerfielder and found Tony Martin to their liking.

St. Louis looked to strengthen their defense up the middle and added catcher Damaso Neruda & shortstop Randy Cortes. Offensive help was also provided when Walker Leonard & Courtney Shaw came aboard.

Texas came away with a major young talent by adding Richard Owens.

Toronto thought that a more veteran presence was needed and brought in P Timothy Truby & SS Rabbit Cunningham.

Washington went with youth and picked up a good young catcher in Karim DeRojas.

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