Friday, June 13, 2008

One Man's Opinion....(06-12-08)

Welcome back fans, and it's time for some random observations from around Spring Training so far this season:

Most leagues are characterized by one thing or another, and something that really stands out about World Major Leagues is the insanely dominating pitching around, especially in compariosn to other leagues out there. In the AL alone you've got Minnesota's CY Nen, Clevland's Cesar Carrasquel, Seattle's got a few arms with Pat Garland & Kyle Powell (and Mike DeJean!!! on his way). Over in the NL you can see outstanding arms like Norm Long's in SF. That's just brushing the surface there to, it's amazing the hitters in this league stand a chance!

Another thing I noticed sets this league apart is it's owners seem to demand the player's maintain their existence on some fairly reasonable contracts. Aside from a few exceptions, I notice a lot of players have to wait until the beginning, and sometimes end, of ST just to catch on with a team. It's great to know that salaries will always seem to keep themselves in check.

There has also been a ton of movement around the league, with a flurry of trades occurring over a 3-4 day span. Things have since cooled off as it seems owners are taking a long look at what they have on hand before making any final decisions. You can certainly tell this is going to be a very active season.

The Rule 5 wasn't much to write home about this year, although if Ernest Heath can bounce back from injury, he could be an asset to someone down the line. Most of the other players figure to be offered back at some point in the season.

That's all I can see so far this week, as I'm simply overwhelmed just to be enjoying some baseball again. This season is shaping up to be a fine one, so keep your eyes peeled for more from ST as we take a look at some of the hot position players making some noise as teams head into the regular season.

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