Sunday, December 9, 2012

Owners' WS Picks

The owners have spoken and established their picks to reach the World Series.

In the NL, they've become believers in the defending-champ Pirates, who got 7 of 23 votes.  It's far from consensus, though - the Padres took 6 votes and 5 owners thought the perennially-contending Mets would make it through to the Series.  The Nationals (3), Expos (1) and Dodgers (1) rounded out the NL voting.

The AL appears to be a more wide-open race, with 11 teams collecting votes.  The Jays and Mariners got 4 each; the Tigers, Yankees, Rays and Angels 2 apiece.   Last year's choice, Minnesota, took 1 vote along with the White Sox, Sounds, Rangers and Athletics.

Official log division-by-division picks coming later today.

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