Monday, December 10, 2012

Interview with overeasy

Who is overeasy in real life?
Overeasy is a husband, a father of three young boys, and an electrical engineer who lives in a western suburb of Portland, OR.

College football: keep the bowls or playoffs (and how many teams)?
I've never been much of a fan of college football, but the current system stinks and the 4 team playoff is not much better. Seems like they are going to pick 2 or 3 SEC teams each season. I think what they need is an 8 team playoff. Let each of the Big 6 BCS conferences send their conference champion and then have 2 more spots for the top 2 rated non BCS teams. Each of the 4 BCS bowl locations would get a first round game and then the semis and final would rotate location each season.

Do you have anything resembling a bucket list, and if so...what have you recently crossed off of it, and what's next?
I don't have any bucket list composed at this point. One thing I know I would like to do someday is play in the World Series of Poker's Main Event.

Favorite real life sports fan memory?
In Person: My final year in college 1997, the Pacific Tigers won the Big West Tourney and made it to the Big Dance for the first time since 1979.
On TV: As a Braves fan since my first year of little league in 1982 (fav all-time player: Dale Murphy), the 1995 World Series was a great moment to shed the Buffalo Bills comparisons.

Any hobbies or favorite pastimes besides HBD?
For the last nine years, I've been a recreational poker player playing No Limit Hold'Em tournaments. I think I have gotten pretty good for an occasional player with net winnings of ~$1k.

Favorite musician/rock band of all time?
Don't think I could choose just one. I listen to most any popular music. The first album I ever purchased was Bryan Adams' "Reckless." On a side note of the music topic, the band AFI came from my hometown and their drummer was my doubles partner on my high school tennis team. It was pretty cool to see them perform on SNL and win an MTV VMA. Additionally, Nick 13 who has been the singer for a punk band, Tiger Army, and has had recent success in country with a solo album was from my HS graduating class.

If you ever write a novel, what will it be about?
Honestly, I barely read novels, so I seriously doubt I will ever feel compelled to write one. If I did, I suppose it would most likely be either a science fiction or supernatural type of story.

Beer or liquor? "Both" is not an acceptable answer.
Before a year ago, my answer would have been beer, which is great for where I live considering the number of microbreweries in the Portland metro area. Based on the allergic type reactions in my children, we figured out last year that our whole family is gluten intolerant, eliminating consumption of wheat, barley, oats, and more.
So now my answer is kombucha, which is a fermented black tea. We get some good stuff made at a local farm.

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