Thursday, December 31, 2015

Owner interview: chisox378, Los Angeles Dodgers

#1 - Who is chisox378 in real-life? Hello, Chisox378 is 36 years old, a husband and father of 3 children, 11,9,and an 8 month old. I am Catholic and belong to a religious 3rd order, Secular Franciscan Order. I love baseball and have played in a mens wood bat league the past few years. I am a White Sox fan as you can see by my screen name.
#2 - Best HBD moment?
Since I am fairly new to HBD I don't have too many accomplishments. I do my best to keep my minor leaguers at their full potential because you never know when you may need a player in the bigs.  In one if my first seasons in Robert E McCabe I won an award for having the best win percentage of all the teams combined. I have yet to win a championship at any level.
#3 - Who are your 3 companions (alive or dead, real or fictional) for your "ultimate night out on the town"?
My ultimate night on the town would be with my best friend Kevin, Boogerlips who was my mentor when I started this game, and Babe Ruth, the best player to play the game. Ruth would be an interesting character to hand out with.

#4 - Question of your choice
Why do I like this sort of game? I've always loved stats and numbers in sports. I remember being an only child playing fake games of baseball, basketball and football and always keeping score. To be able to play something like HBD with 30 players is much fun.

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