Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Owner interview - vlpratt62, Detroit Tigers

#1 - Who is VLPratt62?
I started computer programming in HS in 1980. I program on an IBM systems (Power 7 box/RPG). Also an avid Poker player since 2003, currently 
running two poker groups (tournament play) to build bank rolls and to learn more in-depth poker strategies. Looking to retire at age 55, in two years, and play poker full time. The wife is getting her PHD and said I could retire and play (LOVE MY WIFE).

#2 - Best HBD Moment? 
Season 26 Major Leagues, Trading Milton Watson (P) for Future HOF Keith Caldwell (P) and going on and winning my only WS in HBD in a 130+ seasons. Thank You Blanch!!

#3 - Favorite real life baseball player? 
Tough one, so many, I am a Detroit fan, grew up in Michigan, and as a catcher for most of my life growing up my first real favorite player was catcher Bill Freehan of Detroit (61-76), but with that said after living in Texas since 1982, Loved watching Nolan Ryan and Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.

#4 - Question of choice... hmmm... Outside of work, sports, (poker) what are my interests? 
I watch a lot of educational/science/history programs. Of course the wife would like me to watch more home improvement shows.

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