Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Owner interview: dapperduck, Atlanta Braves

#1 - Who is dapperduck in real-life? Dapperduck is a college student at the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!) who loves football more than life itself.

#2 - Best HBD moment?
 It would have to be having a Cy Young winner on my first team ever.  I can't remember his name, but I was pretty proud of it- he was on like a 55 win team, so he was the lone bright spot.

#3 - favorite real life baseball player?
 Interestingly enough, I am not a real life baseball fan. In fact, that caused a very steep learning curve. However, I was in high school when the Rangers made two straight World Series and my mom followed it religiously. I remember game 6 pretty vividly, but I was definitely on the bandwagon. All that to say- Mitch Moreland, Mike Napoli, and Adrian Beltre are the three favorites of mine.

#4 - Question of your choice. Thanks
Who will win the College Football Playoff? [A] Alabama! Although I am seriously concerned about OU, as our Achilles heel is a running QB/RB combo.  Add to it that Kirby Smart may leave before the game, and I'm downright nervous.

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