Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More Preview Material From Cards, Bosox, Indians, Braves and Reds

Cardinals - jclarkbaker
Most of my club returns. Only changes are: waived Derek Cromer (RF) . Did not resign Dick Pedersen (P) , Ronald Sims (CF) , or Christian Robinson (2B) . Vicente Urbina (P)p and Ramiro Cela (3B) were signed to replace Pedersen and Cromer.Jonathan Sparks (1B) and Maicer Martinez (SS) will get the post 20 game call up to replace Simms and Robinson. Both are likely to start.

Red Sox - Spistol
This may be the season the competition catches up to the Red Sox and ends its run of division titles. Offseason moves have mostly replaced lost production from departing free agents, at best -- though the pickup of Javier Brogna (P) does bolster the bullpen. The offense, Boston's specialty during this run, may not be as potent, with Daniel Harper (3B) andHenry Young (DH) replaced by Laynce Taubensee (SS) and Junior Pierce (RF) , respectively. Joan Sprague (2B) will add speed and maybe a little batting eye to the bench after a less-than-stellar minor-league career. The pitching remains aggressively average as always. The only question seems to be how far off last season's 96-win campaign this squad will fall.

Indians - opie5
This squad needed an overhaul - it was a bunch of sluggers (3 or 4 DH's) with little regard for defense. Some of the prospects will make it to the bigs this season but it will take a couple of seasons to upgrade the defense in order to help the pitching staff (there's no ML 2B or SS to be found in the system - love to get one of those positions with my high draft pick). The nucleus of a good team is there - I just have to fill the fringes (and find a #1 SP) to take this team into the PO's. There's actually enough talent to have a shot at a WC - but I'd have to get very lucky to get to that.

Braves - majnunFor two seasons in a row I got too cute, and took half-measures with a team I thought could win it all. As Mike Ehrmantrout would say: "No half-measures." I concede that I will take a hit five seasons from now, but this is too competitive a league to fool around with.

Reds - wrecks
Only a couple of things to add to our preview. We will be calling up Reynaldo Flande (SS) after 20 games, and should have great depth and defense all over the field, as well as an improved bullpen and rotation.

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