Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 3 Trades: Pace Slows As FA Begins

Well, free agency has started without a Tony Moya trade (although we still expect it will happen), and the frenetic pace of the first 2 days of the offseason has tailed off to a trickle. Here are the rest of Day 2 and Day 3's trades, which I think catches us up:

Chicago White Sox get RP Breland Nanita
Houston gets C Bill Kershaw
Analysis:  Not a big move by either team.  This is the second ace defensive C Houston has acquired - their future pitching staff will love those guys.  The White Sox seem to be headed into a transition period as the Magglio era winds down - if they go full-on rebuild Nanita is the kind of P that can help hold things together for minimum $$.

Houston gets 2B/3B Armando Bazardo (Sea 32 IFA, $13.8MM)
Florida gets RP Yunesky Baez (Sea 31 IFA, $8.5MM)
Analysis:  Bazardo has been languishing in Florida's farm system for a couple of years now; I think he'll find a spot on the 'Stro's big club, maybe as a backup 2B/3B/CF.  No power, but decent splits and a ML eye.  Baez might make the Marlins as an 11th or 12th pitcher, but I'd bet more on a glorious AAA career.

Houston gets P Garry Perez (Season 30 #70)
Arizona gets IF/CF Donne Lloyd (Season 37 #59)
I wondered earlier how Arizona managed 779 runs with that lineup last year; cbriese later pointed out the team's 126 infield hits (2nd in the world to Minnesota's 175) as a contributor.  Now take a look at Lloyd's speed rating and you get a whole new take on this trade.

San Francisco gets SS Jiggs Maduro
Minnesota gets prospects Quinton Graves (Season 37 #35), Joshua Haynes (Season 335 #85), and Juan Estrada (Season 36 IFA, $50K)
Analysis:  Giants pick up a SS who can at least play defense at the ML level for 3 career minor-leaguers

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