Saturday, May 6, 2017

Offseason Days 5 & 6: Lull Before The Big FA Signing Cycle

Trades and signings have slowed to a trickle in advance of the PM1 Part 2 cycle this afternoon.  With Osuna and Espinosa already signed to big deals, today's signings may be a bit anticlimactic, but there are still some very good players up for grabs.  Here are our last couple of A/B signings:

Arizona signs SP Julio Petit for 3 years, $16MM
Well, he's not Magglio Espinosa (who is?), but he's not bad, especially at $5.33MM a year.  Career 3.73 ERA over 11 seasons, with just 3 years coming in at over 4.00.  Last year's 2.90 was undoubtedly helped by San Diego's park, but a 3.50 ERA in 200 IP wouldn't be too much to hope for.

Pittsburgh signs IF Carlos Suarez for 2 years, $8.0MM
With Bernie Gennett on board, the Pirates decided to go with a little more offense in their 2nd backup infielder.  He'll be primarily the backup 3B and pinch-hitter.

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