Thursday, January 28, 2016

Minimum Win Rule Change Proposal

At the end of season 32, I polled the owners who had been a part of this world more than 3 seasons to get input on changing the minimum win rule (MWR).  We are going to disband the appeals committee to remove the appearance of any favoritism or inconsistency and go with a strict, enforced rule.  The results of owner input revealed the following:

#1  Most everyone was in favor of changing the rule to be a number of wins across 2 seasons so that if someone has bad luck or real life issues that cause a really bad season, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves the next season.

#2  Some were in favor of the idea of changing the punishment from banishment to a penalty such as loss of 1st round draft pick or budget penalties and I was intrigued by this as well.  However, most preferred to stick with banishment and some who are in other worlds that have other penalties warned me of how difficult those penalties are to enforce and how it has caused turmoil in some worlds.  So I believe we should stick with banishment as the penalty.

#3  The number of wins that should be required over 2 seasons varied quite a bit.  Some suggested 100 or 125 wins, but most everyone wanted either 110 or 120.  So I did some research to see how this different MWR values would have affected previous seasons starting with season 18 which is when Houston started their infamous collapse that prompted the original MWR.

Hou -    92 wins, seasons 19/20
Cin -   103 wins, seasons 31/32
Cin -   107 wins, seasons 30/31
Hou -  108 wins, seasons 18/19

Phi -    108 wins, seasons 25/26  (owners first 2 seasons, payroll: 80-85 mil)
Atl -    109 wins, seasons 25/26  (2 different owners, 3 owners in 3 years)
LAD - 109 wins, seasons 31/32  (2 different owners)
Hou -  116 wins, seasons 20/21  (2 different owners)
Atl -    119 wins, seasons 26/27  (first 2 seasons in world after 2 owners in 2 years)

Bal -    120 wins, seasons 30/31  (spent approx 60 million on payroll)
LAD - 121 wins, seasons 30/31  (spent 75-85 million on payroll)

NYY - 124 wins, seasons 31/32  (2 different owners, 51 wins in season 31 in dalailama12's only season)

I think the lowest 4 totals were tanking and what the rule is intended for.  The 5 in the middle were weak owners (maybe due to inexperience) or team transition where an outgoing owner may have lost interest.  The next 2, I'm not really comfortable with labeling as tanking and the last one was an owner with some history of extremely low win totals and he was here for only one season.

Based on this, I think the MWR should be set at either 110 or 115 wins over 2 seasons by the same owner.  What I'm not sure of is should there be some sort of exemption for new owners who may be inheriting a really bad situation?  If not, we would have kicked trimhunter99 out of the world after season 26.  While he continued to struggle to field a good team, I don't think his remaining seasons showed any behavior that would be described as tanking.

So feel free to discuss this in World Chat or to send me any feedback via Trade Chat that you don't want out in public.  Also send me your vote via Trade Chat on whether you prefer 110, 115 or even 120 wins over 2 seasons for the new rule.

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