Friday, January 29, 2016

welcome new owner cwaldenj

cwaldenj - San Diego Padres
#1 - who is cwaldenj in real life? 

I am Chris and best described as a teacher and traveler. I couldn't do enough of the later during my ten years in the USA, so I took my professional skills international. My fiancee and I currently live/work in Jeju, South Korea, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and described as the Hawaii of Asia.

 #2 - Best or worst moment in your HBD history? 

My first fortunate chance to win a WS was unexpected and memorable. The key players on that team are still among my favorites.

#3 - You're on a road trip with 3 people - real or fictional, alive or historical - who's in the car with you?

guess it depends on where we are driving and for how long. One person would be my grandfather. I would likely invite my mother along so the three of us could catch up. I think Jackie Robinson would be a fascinating third to discuss baseball and politics.

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