Thursday, January 28, 2016

Welcome new owner billhowell75

billhowell75 - Oakland Athletics

#1 - who is billhowell75 in real life? 

I am a 57 year old financial adviser in Ohio with two kids in college. I love baseball, collect toy trains and enjoy skiing for as long as my knees last. ( This sounds like a profile on a dating website).

#2 - Best or worst moment in your HBD history? 

In one of the inaugural seasons (Long Haul R Us, I think) I blindly went all in on an international prospect. He was so good I immediately promoted him to the ML squad and had him rostered for 15 years. I believe he is still the best pitcher in that world's history. 

#3 - You're on a road trip with 3 people - real or fictional, alive or historical - who's in the car with you?

Thomas Jefferson, Jonathan Edwards and Winston Churchill. In order, the most influential American, the most brilliant American and the most influential person of the last century. The first and third couldn't pay their debts so Edwards is going to have to buy the gas. Hopefully he is getting a royalty on that building that bears his name on the Yale campus. We will drive to Vail where we can enjoy cigars and the view from the top of the world. Liga Privada No.9 Toros, to be specific with a good flask of Blanton's Small Batch bourbon.

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