Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welcome to new owners wrecks and cyben 5150

WRECKS - Cincinnati Reds
#1 - who is wrecks in real life?

I work in the legal department of a tech company in Boston. 

#2 - Best or worst moment in your HBD history?

My best moments in HBD are when a long multi-year rebuild finally pays off by making the playoffs. HBD bad moments – have lost 2 WS game 7’s.

#3 - You're on a road trip with 3 people - real or fictional, alive or historical - who's in the car with you?

I’m a big history buff, so I would probably go with Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, and for some baseball talk, Ted Williams.

Cyben5150 - Florida Marlins
#1 - who is cyben5150 in real life? 

I live just outside of Boston with my...I guess she is my fiance as of this past Friday.  I work a mundane job by day, play music and shoot concert video by night. She also just finished up an animation program and we are now working on several small animations and have a webcomic in the works.

#2 - Best or worst moment in your HBD history? 

Best moment in HBD was when I took over a trashed team midseason in Hobbs. The two seasons before my first offseason with this team resulted in a combined record of 99-225. My first full season I was a 90 win wild card team. My second season I won my division with 92 wins and won the world series. This upset one fellow owner so greatly that he briefly changed his team name to the Abominations. The reason this is my proudest moment though is I didn't turn this team around with pricey free agents, I managed to cobble together some waiver wire guys and rule 5 guys (and admittedly, a stud 2B prospect and some solid SP prospects as holdover talent.) and cut payroll from $94 million when I took over to $51 million when I won the championship

#3 - You're on a road trip with 3 people - real or fictional, alive or historical - who's in the car with you?

 In no particular order, I would take theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, neurologist Oliver Sacks, and Warren Buffett. I'd have a trip full of fascinating conversation topics and I could come home with a stock portfolio to die for.

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