Sunday, February 21, 2016

Game 22: NL East Arms Race Goes Ballistic

We recently got these comments on the state of the Nats and the NL East from Nats GM chase39:

"Still early in the season yet, but CF Darrell Hughes (.327/7/18) has been a pleasant surprise. I got him hitting leadoff, not ideal but best i can do with the lineup I have. I don't expect him to hit this well the rest of the year, but it's a nice start. Felix Satou has been a disappointment so far (6.14 ERA), even going back to last season, but I expect he will pick things up and team up with Adalberto Cervantes (1.35 ERA) to lock the 7th and 8th innings down.  Now I just have to hope one of Trahan (4 saves, 3.60 ERA) or Carlos Valdes (1 save, 0.00 ERA) can close and we should be good. I'm surprised how well every team in our division has been playing, I expected the Mets and Pirates to be better, but the Phillies have shown a great improvement."

Shortly after those comments, chase39 launched a nuclear strike against the rest of the division by trading for Giants ace Maicer Camacho***.

That's just the latest move in the arms race that has driven an incredible amount of talent into the NL East in the last 2 seasons (and seen all 4 teams play well over .500 to star the season).

Since the beginning of Season 32, here's a review of the talent that has flooded onto NL East ML rosters:

Mets: called up Ricardo Pena, Cecil Bonilla, Vin Valenzuela, Daniel Stevenson, and Jose De Aza

Nationals:  traded for Camacho and Satou, called up Hughes.

Phillies: signed FA's Eddie Michaels, Otis Simmons, Yuuta Abe, Steve Davenport, Allen Lincoln, Fritz Miles, and Benito Acosta; traded for IF Jack Forrest; and called up Diory Esposito and Trevor Donatello.

Pirates: signed FA Eddie Hamels; called up Benito Torres, Ramiro Cella, Roberto Esposito, R.A. Hollins, Tony Baerga, Tom Brinson, Ernesto Johnson and Bernie Martin; traded for Mac Kennedy, Kendry Fernandez, and Albie Accardo.

*** By the way, the Giants also did pretty well in this trade, getting prospects Yamil Pinto and Douglas Lindor, plus ML pitcher Dillon Shave, for a player who will likely declare free agency after next season.

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