Friday, February 12, 2016

What's One Thing You Know About HBD That's Not Common Knowledge?

Trade A and B designation for free agents goes off the day that the draft prospect list shows up so you can sign them without losing a draft pick.

Leftover free agents all drop their contract demands to 1 year on the 3PM cycle after the 8th game of Spring Training; they also start losing rating points after that cycle (although they're fractional and might not even show up on the next "ratings event").

The only time players are not subject to the demotion penalty is preseason (not exactly true  - when an injured player is brought off the dl, the player demoted to make room isn't subject to demotion penalties) - from the cycle after budgets are set to roster freeze day.  After that, the season has started and you risk a penalty when you demote.  There is a common misperception that demotion penalties are not in effect once ML playoffs have started.  I assure you from personal experience that demotion penalties DO apply during the playoffs.

Unless specifically demanded by the player, no-trade clauses do not add any value whatsoever to the Max Contract offer ($10MM bonus + $20MM salary x 5).

When the amateur prospects come out, the comp picks for any available type a free agent is dropped or voided. You can sometimes pickup a good player at this time. this season it is 2/28 am cycle.

Players involved in trades that complete within 24 hours of the roster freeze are not exposed to the Rule 5.  If a trade completes more than 24 hours before the roster freeze, the players can be eligible for the Rule V.

If a player is selected in the Rule V Draft, any outstanding trade offer involving the player is automatically canceled. If the drafted player is on the waiver wire, any pending claims are canceled and the player is also removed from the waiver wire.  Rule V trumps trades and waiver claims. 

I am not sure any of my strategies are not common knowledge or not. lol :-) Is it common knowledge that free agents will agree to shorter contract lengths in the FA period, but they will not accept less than their asking price?

Near the end of coach hiring, ML coaches will accept offers of 50% of their demands.

All 100% rested pitchers are not the same. Take two pithcers assuming near identical stamina/durability ratings and zone in on 'Current/Next Day' rest rating on your Pitching roster. Player A: 60%current(red)/100%next day; Player B: 80%current(blue)/100%next day. If Player A pitches the next day at 100% rest, they will take a bigger Rest ratings hit and subsequently take longer to recover then Player B, who is also at 100% rest. Go figure.

The "non-trainable" player traits (range, arm strength, durability, health, speed, patience, temper, makeup, power, stamina, velocity) only improve over the offseason, and don't start improving until the player's second offseason (always wondered about the logic behind those traits not improving after the player's first pro season).

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