Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Who's Getting The Call At Game 20?

Game 20...when ROY campaigns and HOF careers begin.  The rookies we pin our hopes on but still hold back for awhile to get that treasured extra min-salary year.  Who's coming up this year, and what will the impact be?  Some of these guys won't get called up, but I tried to impact the highest potential impact players...let me know if I missed someone and we'll add a profile.

American League

Erv Daley - Arizona (Sea 30 #1):  The 'Backs looked like they had assembled a pretty effective rotation, and then BAM!  Patrick Hunter gets hurt.  Daley would benefit from a full year at AAA...his 3 sub-50 pitches mean he'll take a few lumps here and there.  But he'll also win some games by himself.  ROY candidate.

Keith Townsend - Baltimore (Sea 30 #3):  The Birds are getting nothing from COF's Ruffin and Maradona (no surprise, they  didn't last year, either), so Townsend steps right in as an everyday COF and brings a welcome power threat.

Randy Grant - Baltimore (Sea 29 #9):  I'm not sure he gets a shot yet, as the staff is performing reasonably well.  But he's in his 5th pro year, so he's not going to get a lot better, and his good pitches may offset that vR.  If he does get the call, it's probably as a LR or mopup, so little impact this year.

Edwin Coy - Detroit (Sea 26 #40): The wheels are coming off 36 year-old Hector Bennett (.560 OPS, .949 fielding % after 10 games) at 3B, so the Tigers will turn to Coy.  He doesn't look like much of a hitter, but being a switch hitter helps a lot...could turn into a nice surprise. And he'll produce a ton of + plays at 3B.

MacBeth Kohlmeier - Texas (Sea 30 #26):  There's plenty of room for improvement on the Texas staff (6.65 ERA after 10 games), so expect Kohlmeier to get the call.  ROY candidate?  Not impossible but probably not.  More likely he takes the ball every 5 days and helps bring some respectability to a bad situation.

National League

Steve Mench - Chicago (Sea 30 #10): Maybe, maybe not.  The Cubbies might let him simmer for another year, hoping his range will jump a few more points into true CF territory. But he could probably help as a LF or RF this year, as most of the committee in current use hasn't caught fire (Luigi Merced at .324/3/10 is a notable exception).  Not ROY candidate, but a good defensive OF who could hit for average.

Kennie Grilli (Sea 29 #6) and/or Rocky Clinton (Sea 29 #49) - Chicago:  I add the "or" because they're almost the same pitcher: lefty SP/LR's whose vR's make them suspect, but pitches might bail them out.  The Cubbies' staff is struggling; one or both could get the call and make some difference.

Amos Gregorio - Colorado (Sea 30 #22): this one may not happen yet because it's the Rockies' starters who are floundering; the bullpen is keeping them afloat.  Gregorio could probably pitch well in the majors now but that 4th pro year at AAA never hurts.

Zach Hudson - Florida (Sea 29 #47):  decent bet to be better than several of the Marlins' current starters. I wish those last 2 pitches were better, but he was the 47th pick (and a great pickup that late.  Not great odds of having a huge impact but could be a reliable starter.

Jarrett Boyd - Milwaukee (Sea 28 #21):  ready to contribute but no place to put him yet. Victor Armas getting most of the LF play, and he's hitting (and has 2 years left on his contract).  The Lowrie's off to a good start at 1B, and the RF's are holding their own.  Boyd would be expected to hit about as well as any of the current 1B/OF's, but may have to wait another year.

Dante Day - New York (Sea 30 #2):  already got the call (included here just because he wasn't on the Opening Day roster) and tossed 7 scoreless in his debut.  After sleepwalking through the opening series with the Phillies, the Mets are looking dangerous.  ROY candidate.

Karl Floyd - Philadelphia (Sea 30 #6):  3B Moises Blanco is hitting well (.926 OPS after 10 games) for the Phillies...RF Sid Swann not so much (.536 OPS).  Swann has 2 years on his contract, so if I was betting I'd say he gets more time to turn it around.  Floyd be a nice contributor...either later this year or early next.

Robert Esposito - Pittsburgh (Sea 30 #4): takes over in LF immediately...possible move to 2B in the future.  ROY candidate.

Tony Baerga - Pittsburgh (Sea 30 IFA):  some vulnerability to lefties, but with that STA/DUR he's going to get some complete games, too.  ROY candidate.

R.A. Hollins - Pittsburgh (Sea 30 #11):  RF starter this year, eventual moves his lefty power bat to 3B.

Tito Grichuk - Pittsburgh (Sea 29 #13): lefty compliment to Pirates' MR innings-eater Ernesto Johnson.

Esteban Mateo - St. Louis (Sea 30 #14):  Cards' staff has started the season on fire, but you can always use another good arm.  Just guessing but I think management will keep him in AAA this year and get some more points on already-good ratings.

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