Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Offseason/Free Agency, Day 2

Slower day today, as the Day 1 FA flurry and easy trades subsided into waiting for Thursday's Freddie Lanning announcement.  But there were still plenty of significant signings...

The Phillies picked up the spending pace and now look like one of the most re-made teams in Major Leagues.  They added old vet RP Steve Davenport (97 wins, 98 saves, 3.39 ERA over a long career) on a 2 year deal (I don't know how many P's have 100 wins and 100 saves, but it can't be common), career .767 OF Yuuta Abe for 3 years x $4.4MM, and handed out a 2-year contract for oldtimer Eddie Michaels (drafted in Season 12, #5 overall).  Finally, they picked up a slick-fielding SS in Otis Simmons on another 2-year offer.

The Dodgers got in on the FA A & B action by signing a pair of pitchers.  Lee McCarthy seems to have gotten better as he got older; he has a career 3.48 ERA but has been under 3 in each of the last 4 seasons.  Keep the medical staff close, though.  And 1-inning man Edgardo Perez gets a 4-year sum averaging $8.6MM per year.  

Kansas City continues to spend big, inking SP Asdrubal Rivera for 5 years, $38 million. Rivera is one of those guys who (mysteriously) seems to consistently outperform his ratings - he's put up a career ERA of 3.50 with a career-worst of 4.51 and several seasons in the low-3's or below.  I look at his ratings and see 4.50-5.50...tdfactory's bets produced a division crown last year and he's betting big again.

Outside of the big-name Type A and B guys there were a few other notables.

The Blue Jays struck again, betting $15.5 million (2 years) on a turnaround by 3B Theo Costello.  Which Theo will show, the .302, 20-HR Theo of Season 31, or last year's .240, 10-HR Theo?

And the Padres made a flurry of potential bargains, most notably bringing back 1B Hipolito De Aza (40 HR last year...pretty spiffy for San Diego) for 1 year, $3.3MM and scarfing SP Pascual Rosario (career 3.88 ERA) from Cincy for 1 year, $4.1 million.

Get your front-row seats early for the Lanning announcement, expected to come at 3PM Eastern tomorrow.

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