Thursday, August 16, 2012

AL Quick Preview

Last year: Twins by 2 over Jays and 4 over Sox.
Big Moves:  Smalley and Santiago to Minnesota, Young to Chicago
Prediction:  The Twins built a team for the playoffs - which they'll make - but Chicago wins the division by 4 games in an upset.

Last year:  Red Sox by 3, although the Yanks wildcarded and took the WS to 7.
Big Moves:  Max Gutierrez out, Dixon and Andujar to Yanks.
Prediction:  Although we like what the Sox got for Max, some of that help arrives in a year or 2.  Yanks' moves put them over by 5 games.

Last year:  Royals romped by 16.
Big Moves:  Rays' Tollberg deal and trade for Brett
PredictionsTampa Bay will close the gap, but KC still has better talent; Royals win by 8.


Last year:  Angels and Mariners tied at 89-73, with LA winning the tiebreaker (in what must be some kind of record, Seattle also lost a 2nd tiebreaker with the Jays for the 2nd wild card).

Big Moves:  Hmmm...pretty quiet off season for the West

Predictions:  Surely Seattle's luck can't be worse...Santayana finally shows up and Mariners win by 2

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