Thursday, August 16, 2012

NL Quick Preview

Last year:  Cubbies by 5 over Reds
Big Moves:  Cincy signs T. Rodriguez, Julio and Creek
Predictions:  Reds win a tiebreaker over Cubs

Last year:  Mets (best record in the league) by 5 over Philly, but Phils and Pirates both wildcarded
Big Moves:  Santiago, Andujar, Young, Smalley to AL; Gutierrez to DC; Long to Phils; Jordan to Mets; Pirates add offense without breaking up Big 3.

Predictions: Mets over Pirates by 9

Last year:  Cardinals by 9 over Braves
Big Moves:  Atlanta gets D. Baez, E. Green and T. Roque; Payton, Diaz to Marlins.
Predictions:  NL upset special - Braves by 1 over Cards, 5 over Florida.

Last year:  Padres top Rockies by 13.

Big Moves:  All San Diego, getting SP Pendleton and RP's Thompson and Vizcaino
Predictions:  Pads by 15 this year

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